VDI service interruption and changes to login

VDI service interruption and changes to login

On Tuesday 15 September, there will be a period of downtime during which you will be unable to access the University VDI remote access service. This is to allow for a security upgrade and will affect all users of the service.

We don’t expect the downtime to last long. However, as the work will be carried out by an external contractor, we are unable to give you an exact start and end time.

What should you do?

If you are using the VDI on 15 September, please don’t start any complex processes, for example simulations, and make sure you save your work regularly.

We will alert you via the VDI before the service goes offline. When you receive the alert, you should save what you are working on and disconnect from the service. 

Once the upgrade is complete and the VDI is back online, we will send a follow up email from the Service Desk to let you know that you can reconnect.  

What changes will I see in the service? 

After the upgrade, the next time you sign into the VDI, you will be required to sign into your Microsoft Office 365 account using your username@abdn.ac.uk (e.g. s99jb7@abdn.ac.uk) and password.

If your Office 365 account has been enabled for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), you will be asked for additional authentication.

Why is this happening

We are working with our external contractor to ensure critical security updates are in place before the University term begins.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 


Author: DDIS