Staff and Student Communication

Staff & Student Communication update - 23 January

Dear colleagues and students,

You may be aware of the developing situation regarding a novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

No travel restrictions have been announced, but the Chinese authorities have implemented screening of air passengers. The UK government has also provided guidance to people travelling to Wuhan.

Simple and sensible precautions are recommended for those who do travel to Wuhan or locations in its vicinity. These are:

  • check UK Government travel advice before departure and whilst abroad, if possible
  • maintain good basic personal hygiene, especially hand washing and sanitising
  • avoid contact with birds and animals in markets
  • ensure all food is well cooked and avoid using meat bought from markets
  • avoid crowded locations and stay away from anyone coughing, sneezing or showing other signs of respiratory disease

If you develop respiratory symptoms abroad, seek medical advice immediately.

If you have returned to the UK within the last 14 days and you develop respiratory symptoms, contact your doctor (GP) and inform them that you have recently returned from China.

If you are dealing with students who have any concerns, please advise them to contact

If you have concerns about any students displaying symptoms of respiratory illness, especially students from Asia, advise them to contact their GP immediately. Students are advised to register with an Aberdeen doctor on arrival in the city. They can also use NHS24 to contact the NHS out of hours.

If the advice from the UK Government changes, we will keep you updated.

Best wishes

Nicholas G. Edwards
Acting Deputy Director of People & Head of Student Support