Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara)

 Cara – - works with a network of 120 UK universities to host at-risk scholars.  Network members generously offer fee waivers and often accommodation and financial support for Cara Fellows and their families.  Most also contribute a voluntary subscription to help cover Cara’s running costs.  Many members of academic staff at UK universities give generously of their time, pro bono, to help our Fellows and to support our Syria Programme.  Our work would be impossible without their enthusiasm and commitment.

Despite this, Cara has to raise new funds every year to be able to continue its work.  The ‘10x20 Appeal’ is an initiative to get 10% of the some 400,000 people working in higher education in the UK to contribute £20 per year to Cara - £5 per quarter.  If just 10% of this number donated Cara would be able to transform its finances and assist many more at-risk academics.  Please visit, and help Cara get your colleagues to safety.