Arnold Clark car hire

Arnold Clark car hire

Please see below for important information regarding placing an order on the finance system for Arnold Clark car hire.

When placing the order on Finance System for Arnold Clark car hire, please provide the following information:

Click in the Requisition Details tab and amend the default delivery date to when the vehicle is required, then click on the arrows next to “Detailed Product Information”  which will take you to the “Additional Product Text” box where the following information should be included:   

  • University Account Number : 9916126
  • The exact time and date for both the start and end of the hire 
  • Both the delivery and collection addresses (If there is anything out of the ordinary please include it, e.g. entry barrier codes etc) Please make this the Security office on Dunbar Street as there are security CCTV cameras.
  • The driver’s telephone number and mobile, if possible, along with the full number of the booker, including extension details  (It is important for the supplier to have these contact details especially for early Monday morning hires when they  may have tried to deliver the vehicle on the weekend and there has been a problem)
  • If the driver has any preference of vehicle then this should be included here and the supplier will try to be as accommodating as they can whilst not being able to guarantee specific makes or models of vehicle or features. 
  • Any other relevant information

As before, once the supplier has received your purchase order, a confirmation will be sent back to you within 24 hours so please ensure you receive it.  If you do not receive it within 24 hours then I would suggest you contact Central Reservations at Arnold Clark.

Please also make note of the following points:

  • All cars with 9 seats or under to be parked at the Security office on Dunbar Street, all vehicles with more than 9 seats or a large wheel base to be parked at Zoology.  Both these car parks have security cameras covering the whole of the area.
  • Drivers should inspect their hire vehicle, inside and out, including alloys, prior to driving away. If possible take photographs of condition and email them with the subject line Photos along with vehicle registration to
  • At end of hire, the same process should be followed, this affords us a much better chance of not being incorrectly billed for damage to a vehicle.
  • If you believe there is damage to vehicle at start of hire or any issues such as lights not working, please document and report to both Arnold Clark and
  • In the event of damage occurring to a vehicle, the excess for each incident is £250 plus an admin fee of £30 and this is paid by the drivers department.
  • If a driver has damaged a vehicle they should immediately email so that a claim can be raised with our insurers Zurich.
  • Drivers should also complete the driver declaration form annually online at the following link: if you are unsure whether your declaration is still valid please email
  • Vehicles should be delivered with a full tank of fuel and can either be returned full, in which case you should retain the receipt as proof, or not be refuelled, which will incur an additional charge of pump price +35% from Arnold Clark. If the vehicle does not have a full tank on delivery, please contact Arnold Clark.

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