Telephone extension review

Telephone extension review

We’re reviewing all telephone extensions across the University and would like your help.

Do you know of any unused telephones around your workplace? If so, please let us know so that we can cancel the extension and, if appropriate, redeploy the handset for another user.

Why is this important?

Every University telephone extension has its associated ‘user name’ and department recorded against it in our phone directory for contact and billing purposes.

When a member of staff leaves the University, their directory entry is usually changed to ‘Reserved’ until a new member of staff takes over the extension. However, unless the extension is cancelled, the associated school/department continues to pay the monthly line rental and is also charged for any calls made from the extension.

There are currently around 200 extensions on our telephone system that are unplugged from the network but that have numbers and names associated with them. Aside from the monthly costs incurred by these unused phones, each device has an asset value of over £100.

Simply unplugging a telephone from its socket and putting it aside will not remove it from the billing process.

So, if you know of any unused telephones, please contact us at


Author: Telephony Team, Digital and Information Services