Closure of childcare vouchers scheme

Closure of childcare vouchers scheme

The childcare vouchers scheme is closing on 4th October, you have to be in receipt of your first vouchers on or before this date.

Due to the Payroll cut-off date the last date staff were able to join the scheme was 10th September 2018.

You can keep getting the vouchers if:

  • You have joined the scheme and your wages have been adjusted before the schemes closes in October 2018
  • You stay with the same employer and they continue to run the scheme
  • You do not take an unpaid career break of longer than a year

From October 2018, all eligible employees can join the new Tax Free Childcare scheme.   The Tax Free Childcare scheme is not based on salary sacrifice and there is no employer involvement as parents are responsible for confirming their eligibility and setting up their online account.

For further information please visit the HR pages or the Government’s Childcare Choices website,