Researchfish reporting period now open

If you are a principal investigator, of an RCUK, CSO, NIHR or medical charities grant, you should have received an email from your funder, or Researchfish, inviting you to make a return.

Annual submissions have to be made for all live grants, and for completed grants for at least five years after the end date.  Research students who are currently supported, or who have been supported within the last three years, by UK research councils are also required to make a Researchfish submission.

Compliance with Researchfish reporting is compulsory under the terms and conditions of funding.  The 2018 Collection Period, for most funders, will run from 05 February - 15 Mar 2018  and it is vital that all PIs respond within the specified timeframe.  Where PIs fail to complete their return within the deadline, funders may impose sanctions on individuals.

Further information and a full list of the funding bodies requiring a return can be found here and FAQ’s can be found here

If you have not received an email from your funder, please check your clutter or junk mail folders. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact