'Fantastic Plastic' brings hundreds of school pupils to University

'Fantastic Plastic' brings hundreds of school pupils to University

Over 350 school pupils from across Aberdeen city and shire descended on the University of Aberdeen earlier this week for a lecture on the innovative qualities of plastic.

The ‘Fantastic Plastic’ lecture was organised by the Scottish Plastics and Rubber Association (SPRA) and hosted at the University’s Kings College campus. 

Led by Professor Averil McDonald from the University of Reading, the one-hour show highlighted the many uses of plastic in a fun and informative way, covering its various intriguing and surprising applications, from liquids that flow uphill to the perfect recipe for slime!

The event included a series of lively demonstrations from Professor McDonald, who has lectured to over 150,000 pupils across the UK since the lecture series (designed to match the Polymers topic in National 4/5 'Properties of Plastics') began in 2009.

Heather Doran, from the University of Aberdeen’s Public Engagement and Research Unit (PERU) helped organise the event.

She commented: “We are always looking for opportunities where we can connect current research with new audiences, and we were delighted to host the Fantastic Plastic lecture here at the University of Aberdeen. 

"The school groups really enjoyed learning about plastics and had the opportunity to meet with chemists from the University and try some hands-on activities themselves."