Delivering a world class online learning platform

The Virtual Learning Environment(s) (VLEs) used to support your teaching are being reviewed to ensure that we are providing you with the best online learning platform, whether you use it to support your face to face teaching or to deliver your courses fully online. As part of this review, the university will be assessing the feasibility of consolidating our multiple VLEs (MyAberdeen, MyMbChB, MyBDS, MyPA, MyMedSci) into a single service, providing a consistent learning experience for all.

The VLE Review and Implementation Project Board are keen to hear your views. A number of staff completed the VLE requirements survey that ran from mid-April to mid-May and the views of School eLearning champions are being sought through a meeting on Monday 22 May. If you would like to attend the meeting on the 22 May or would like to contribute to the requirements gathering or evaluation process, and were not able to do so through the survey, please email Students’ views are critical too and a similar survey is currently taking place with students. This, together with focus groups and involvement in the evaluation process, will ensure students as well as staff are at the heart of the process.