New look website coming tomorrow

New look website coming tomorrow

The University's new look website will be rolling out tomorrow.

Staff across External Relations and IT are working on a number of activities designed to:

  • Deliver an exceptional website that responds better to the needs of our key audiences
  • Produce creative and distinctive content on social media
  • Communicate the University’s brand, teaching, research and distinctive characteristics more effectively

What are we doing?

The Web Team have been re-designing the main pages of the University’s corporate website to make them ‘responsive’ to the screen size you are using. The templates are designed to look good and respond well whether you are working on a laptop or a mobile phone. The new-look corporate website will go live after exams have finished in May. Some of the additional benefits are:

  • Clearer university brand and visual identity
  • Cleaner design with more focus on content
  • Improved navigation
    • ‘megamenu’ allows faster and deeper access to key pages
    • revised user-friendly menu display
  • New, improved homepage
  • Quicker page load, even on slow network connections
  • Application of latest accessibility standards and best practices

Content Audit

We have more than 300 pages on our website which offer advice on ‘Tier 4 visas’. This is just one of the ways our website creates a confusing experience for users. A team in External Relations and IT have conducted a thorough audit and scored 100,000+ pages against 12 strategically important parameters, including:

  • Usability
  • Audience
  • User Journey
  • Accessibility
  • Accuracy

This has given us a better understanding of our current content and where we can make improvements.