Changes to SPAM filtering

Changes to SPAM filtering

We are changing the way we deal with SPAM email.

What is happening?

From 15 February 2017, all email arriving in your Inbox that our mail filters flag as **SPAM** will be redirected automatically to your Outlook Junk Email folder.

Do I need to do anything?


It is important that you check your Junk Email folder every day to check for legitimate messages that may have been incorrectly classified as spam.

You may like to add the Junk Email folder to your Favorites so that it appears at the top of your folder list – making it easier for you to monitor. Simply right-click on the Junk Email folder and select Show in Favorites from the pop-up menu.

What if I find a legitimate message in the Junk Mail folder?

Messages in the Junk Email folder are converted to plain text – links and other functionality are disabled. If you spot a message that you know absolutely is not spam and you want to act on it, drag it to your Inbox, or right-click on it and select Move > Inbox from the pop-up menu. If in any doubt about any message’s authenticity, delete it.

Further advice?

For more information about SPAM and Phishing, see our user guides in Learners’ Toolkit:

If you need further advice, contact the Service Desk – or

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