Receive important information on campus closures via SafeZone

Receive important information on campus closures via SafeZone

Staff and students can now receive important information on campus closures on their smartphones by downloading SafeZone, the app-based system provided by the University of Aberdeen.

The system, which is free and privacy protected, allows the University to send messages to staff and students in exceptional circumstances, for example when a building is forced to close.

By receiving direct notifications, SafeZone users can avoid making unnecessary journeys to the University in the event of a building or full campus closure.  Notifications will not include details of individual class cancellations.

Leith Forsyth, Head of Student Life at the University of Aberdeen, said: “It can often be the case that staff and students are unaware of any advice over building closures until they arrive on campus.

 “This can be a frustrating experience, particularly for those who have had to travel a long distance and who may not have had the opportunity to check for updates.

“SafeZone allows the University to deliver a message directly to every user’s smartphone to provide information on building closures or any other important advice affecting the University community at large.

“The system is primarily used to connect users to the University’s security team if they ever need urgent help, first aid or an emergency while on campus, however our ability to issue important advice is a valuable extra benefit to users.

“Around 1000 staff and students have now downloaded SafeZone, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in the system to download the SafeZone app from their app store and register using their University email address.”