New Honorary Fellowships

New Honorary Fellowships

The University is offering up to eight Honorary Fellowships to enable academics impacted by the war in Ukraine[1] to continue their research while in the UK.  

The Fellowships will provide a 12-month stipend equivalent to the UKRI PhD stipend (current value £16,062), an academic mentor in their discipline area, and honorary University status providing access to IT systems and the library. The Fellows will not be employed by the University. 

Potential candidates must: 

  • Hold a PhD - or have equivalent experience - and have been engaged in academic activity of teaching and researching at a university or research institute prior to the invasion in Ukraine.   

  • Have sufficient language skills to be able to engage with the academic community, broadly equivalent to the description of B1 in the Common European Framework (able to understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure etc.).  It should be noted that this is a description of the language skills which are expected, formal language qualifications are not required.

  • Are either still in Ukraine or have not spent more than five years away from Ukraine[2] or are at risk[3] as a result of their opposition to the war on Ukraine.   

  • Have an offer[4] of accommodation in Aberdeen, through Homes for Ukraine or any other  

Staff who know scholars who might benefit from our Honorary Fellowships scheme or who want more information should email 


[1] “Academics impacted by the war in Ukraine” means those individuals who (a) have been engaged in teaching or research at a university, research institute or equivalent institution in Ukraine, (b) Ukrainian nationals (c) those engaged in teaching or research in Belarus or Russia who are designated by CARA (Council for At-Risk Academics) as “at Risk” or have been awarded refugee/asylum status in the UK.  

[2] This is to cover the situation where a scholar currently located overseas is now unable to return to Ukraine and is not able to remain where they currently are. 

[3] A CARA assessment will be requested.   This is also an eligibility requirement for the British Academy Researchers at Risk Fellowship. 

[4] An offer of accommodation may be made by family/friends or a formal scheme. The criteria do not require that the individual has completed the process through, for example, the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.