Jane tells us about her role as Energy Manager and what brought her to the University.

Tell us about your role at the University.

My position as the Energy Manager involves overseeing all aspects of energy purchasing, delivery, consumption and associated reporting. 

How do you usually start your day?

Pre lockdown I used to start my day with a walk to work, but now I start my day with either a run or an online exercise class. This helps set me up for a day in the home office and achieve my 10,000 step daily target.

What brought you to the University of Aberdeen?

I relocated to Aberdeen last year from Dubai with my family. We had lived overseas for 7 years and decided it was time to return home to Scotland after our amazing experience.

The University has an impressive reputation and has provided a new challenge to save energy and achieve our ambitious reduction targets.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite aspect of working the University is facilitating the Net Zero Carbon Strategy development. We are aiming to be Net Zero Carbon by 2040 via a whole system approach to the complex interactions of behaviour, education, procurement transport and utilities.

What are your work priorities at the moment?

As always, my main work priority is saving energy; anyone who knows me will testify to this! Due to the recent pandemic we are super keen to identify new ways to help reduce our utility bills and improve the bottom line for the University.

How do you like to relax outside work?

I’m an avid horse rider and a supporter of natural horsemanship techniques. I love going on hacks in the countryside, desert or wilderness, anywhere to escape the confines of the city.