Homes for Ukraine

Homes for Ukraine

We are looking at our own accommodation options to see what might be available for refugees. Currently our stock of vacant housing is limited and consequently, we are keen to hear from anyone in our community who may be willing to host refugees. Anyone who does want to offer a room in their home and find out more about being a sponsor should register themselves on the government website.

Homes for Ukraine Connections List

A Homes for Ukraine Connections List has been set up on a Microsoft Teams site to facilitate connections between members of University staff who are registered under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme and displaced Ukrainian individuals and their families eligible for that visa route wishing to come to Aberdeen on a temporary basis.   

If you have registered under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme and wish to access the List, please contact Heather Crabb, Executive Assistant & Project Officer.

How the list operates 

With the displaced individuals’ agreement, basic contact details and personal details will be provided on the List.  Members of staff who request access to the Teams site will then be able to make direct contact with the individual(s) on the List should they wish to connect with them.   

Please note that the University is not seeking to place individuals into private homes and there is no obligation for members of staff to engage with, or proceed to offer accommodation to, anyone on the List.

Due Diligence Checks

The individuals on the List have approached the University directly seeking assistance or have been identified by colleagues via personal or professional networks. No due diligence on either party will be undertaken by the University. The University is not able to undertake personal background checks on or verify details about any individual and/or their dependents seeking to enter the UK.  Their inclusion on the List only indicates that (i) the University is aware of their desire to travel to the UK, and (ii) they have given permission for their contact details to be made available to members of University staff who have registered for the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.   

The Homes for Ukraine Scheme requires individuals offering accommodation (and all adults in their household) to be subject to initial Police National Computer (PNC), criminal records and Warnings Index checks.  The Scottish Government requires that an enhanced disclosure check be carried out on all those aged over 16 years in a sponsor home.  These checks will be carried out through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme as part of the national registration process. 

Data Protection

The following points in relation to data protection should be noted:

  • The List is facilitated by the University with the explicit consent of participating members of staff who have registered under the Homes for Ukraine scheme and the explicit consent of the individual for the sole purpose of enabling staff to make contact directly with relevant individuals seeking a home in the UK.
  • Each individual on the List has been given the choice whether to provide only the mandatory information (name and email address) or also the optional information (gender, dependents, pets, other relevant circumstances).  We are unable to share any further information on individuals beyond that which is published on the List for confidentiality reasons.
  • The participation of members of staff who are added to the Teams site will be visible to all members of staff added to the Teams site, along with any information they add to the site.
  • The information provided on the List must be kept in strictest confidence as it contains personal information and has been provided solely for the purposes of facilitating connections via this process.  The List must not be downloaded and/or its content shared via any other means or used for any other purpose.
  • Once accommodation has been offered to an individual/the process is complete, data relating to the individual and any relevant member of staff will be removed from the Teams site.
  • All remaining data held within the Teams site will be reviewed annually and deleted 3 months following the end of the requirement for the List.
  • Individuals and members of staff wishing to remove their participation in the List can do so at any time by emailing Heather Crabb.

Further information about how the University processes personal data can be found here.