A meeting of the Undergraduate Committee will be held on Monday 12 March 2018 at 2.00 pm in Committee Room 2, University Office.


Julie Adamson, Undergraduate Committee Clerk (Extn: 4105; E-mail:




1. Approval of the minute of the meeting held on 12 January 2018 (UG/120318/001)
2. Transnational Education (TNE) Procedures (UG/120318/002)
3. Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR) Update (Oral Update)
4. SFC Analysis of HEI Annual Return (UG/120318/003)
5. Accessible and Inclusive Learning Update (Oral Update)
6. Degree Classification (Grade Spectrum / GPA) (UG/120318/004)
7. Code of Practice on Student Discipline (UG/120318/005)
8. Staffing of Exam Venues (Oral Update)
9. Items for Routine Approval – see below  
10. Items for Information – see below  
11. AOCB  
12. Date of Next Meeting:  
  Dates TBC for Academic Year 2018/19  


9. Changes to Degree Regulations – Omnibus (UG/120318/006)


10.1. Appeals, Complaints and Discipline Reporting

(UG/270318/007, to follow)

10.2. Sector Updates  
  The Committee is asked to note, and disseminate as appropriate, the following recent sector updates:  

QAA Scotland Annual Report 2016-17

QAA Scotland has published its annual report, highlighting achievements and key events from 2016-17. The report includes details of the launch of the current Enhancement Theme - Evidence for Enhancement, as well as the revised review method in Scotland and Focus On: Institution-led Review and Postgraduate Student Experience projects.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship: New Advice for Universities


The QAA have launched revised guidance intended to inform, enhance and promote the development of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education across UK higher education. This guidance, led by Professor Andrew Penaluna of the International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, reflects current thinking and practice in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education.


Previous Agendas

Previous Agendas




To be responsible to the UCTL for oversight of the undergraduate academic student experience. The Committee provides a forum to facilitate and encourage the development of appropriate strategy and also discusses and promotes relevant developments, whether internally driven or externally indicated. 

Specifically the Undergraduate Committee will:

  • Maintain an appropriate system of student academic and pastoral support.
  • Maintain strategic oversight of the arrangements for the induction and transition of new entrants to the University.
  • Support the work of the Careers Service in promoting activities to support employability and provide co-curricular opportunities for students.
  • Develop and promote specific innovations, embracing new pedagogies and technologies, in support of the enhancement of the undergraduate experience.
  • Consider and recommend approval for any specific developments or initiatives which could have substantial implications for University strategy or policy or for University level services and/or operations. 
  • Proactively engage with any high level issues or themes arising from the National Student Survey, the UK Engagement Survey, the International Student Barometer, and other relevant internal and external satisfaction surveys. 
  • Engage in horizon scanning to anticipate and prepare for new opportunities and likely future developments in undergraduate student education.
  • Proactively monitor data in regard to student retention and recommend actions to be taken to enhance student retention. 
  • Undertake such other functions as may be referred to the Committee by the UCTL
Composition & Membership

Convener: Professor Alison Jenkinson
Clerk: Julie Adamson
Tel: 01224 274105



  • The Committee will be convened by one of the two Deans of Undergraduate Studies to be appointed by the UCTL on a two year rotating basis.


  • Deans of Undergraduate Studies
  • Director of Teaching from each School (or nominee) as nomiated by Head of School
  • Two representatives nominated by the President of the Students' Association

In attendance

  • Director of Academic Affairs (or nominee)
  • Head of the Careers Service (or nominee)
  • Head of the Centre for Academic Development  (or nominee)

Membership 2016/17

  • Professor A Jenkinson
  • Professor H Hutchison
  • Dr P Bishop
  • Mrs J Bruce
  • Dr J Cai
  • Dr P Davidson
  • Dr A Mackillop
  • Dr A Graham
  • Dr W Harrison
  • Dr M Hole
  • Professor G McEwan
  • Dr T Baker
  • Dr R Patey
  • Professor M Pinard
  • Dr A Widfeldt
  • Mr L Fuller
  • AUSA Rep

In attendance

  • Dr Gillian Mackintosh
  • Mr P Fantom
  • Dr J Perkins
  • Clerk: Julie Adamson (Registry)


The Committee will meet at least three times per year in advance of meetings of the UCTL. Additional meetings may be arranged, as required.


Undergraduate Committee

Attendance Records


12 January 2018

12 March 2018


Dean of Undergraduate Studies (Arts)

Professor Hazel Hutchison Present Present
Dean of Undergraduate Studies (Science) Professor Alison Jenkinson Present Present
School Representative (Biological Sciences) Professor Michelle Pinard Present Present
School Representative (Business School) Professor David McCausland Present Present
School Representative (Divinity, History & Philosophy) Dr Gerry Hough Present Apologies
School Representative (Education) Mrs Catriona MacDonald Present Apologies
School Representative (Education) Dr Archie Graham Present Apologies
School Representative (Engineering) Dr Paul Davidson Present Apologies
School Representative (Geosciences) Dr Tim Mighall Present Apologies
School Representative (Language, Literature, Music & Visual Culture) Dr Tim Baker Present Apologies
School Representative (Language, Literature, Music & Visual Culture) Dr Michelle Macleod Apologies Apologies
School Representative (Law) Dr Adelyn Wilson Present Apologies
School Representative (Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition) Professor Gordon McEwan Present Present
School Representative (Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition) Professor Alan Denison Present Present
School Representative (Natural & Computing Sciences) Dr William Harrison Present Present
School Representative (Psychology) Dr Paul Bishop Apologies Present
School Representative (Social Sciences) Dr Anders Widfelt Present Apologies
Education Officer (Students' Association) Mrs Donna Connelly Apologies Apologies
Students' Association Representative Miss Ilesha Ewart Apologies Apologies
Students' Association Representative Miss Mihaela Leskovska Present Apologies

In Attendance:

Clerk (Registry Officer) Mrs Julie Adamson Represented by Mr Matthew Fullerton Present
Director of Academic Affairs Dr Gillian Mackintosh Apologies Apologies
Centre for  Academic Development Representative Dr Joy Perkins Apologies Apologies
Head of the Careers Services Mr Peter Fantom Apologies Apologies
Vice-Principal (Learning and Teaching) Professor Peter McGeorge Apologies Apologies



Meeting Dates