About the Project

The project is currently focussed on improvements to the Curriculum Management system; due to deliver in September 2019.

Original Project Scope 

The Student Lifecycle Project, originally a strand of the OneSource Programme, intended to encompass all stages of the student journey from an initial enquiry through to admission and registration to graduation and including course selection, monitoring, assessments and progression and a new curriculum management system. The project followed a phased approach, reviewing business processes with a view to eradicating duplication of effort, streamlining procedures and ensuring consistency of practice across the institution. 

Project Stages

1. Online Course Selection

The Student Lifecycle project began with Online Course Selection. Focussing on student-led course selection it went live in September 2015 delivering:

  • the online course selection system, MyCurriculum
  • the tutorial booking system and personal timetable, MyTimetable
  • the enhanced Catalogue of Courses
  • a course overlay tool to assist students to check for lecture clashes between courses
  • five online diagnostic tests

2. Curriculum Management

The Curriculum Management system has replaced the former SENAS system. Work began in early 2015 and the system was launched in August 2017. The system will be a central data source for information about courses and programmes and incorporates the consideration of business cases for new programmes. For further information, click here.

This system uses the same Microsoft Dynamics CRM software as is used to handle MyCurriculum queries and to handle enquiries from prospective students.

A project to make improvements to the Curriculum Management system is underway; due to complete in September 2019. 

3. Student Management System

This phase started in September 2016, aiming to replace the existing student records and admissions systems. This large piece of work was further split into phases:

  • Phase 1: Pre-application and Enquiry
  • Phase 2: Admissions
  • Phase 3: Student Records (Registration, Attend, Study, Examination, Progression and Completion of Studies)
  • Phase 4: “All the rest” ie transferring MyCurriculum, Graduation etc.

Preparatory work for phases 1 and 2 (and partially for phase 3) was completed, involving a period of upfront business improvement work where we engaged with staff to look at the existing ‘As Is’ process and designed an optimal ‘To Be’ process. Further information on this work is available here

Because of gaps with the intended software solution identified as part of this work, the first phase, Pre-application and Enquiry, was transferred to a separate project using alternative software - MS Dynamics CRM. 

The remaining phases of the project are now being handled by alternative means.