Senate Committees

There are a number of sub-committees of the Senate, as under, whose membership is restricted to Senate members:

In addition, there is a composite Students’ Progress Committee for undergraduate students, which is a sub-committee and acts with the power of the Senate and a Student Disciplinary Committee.

Honorary Degrees  Committee

The Honorary Degrees Committee’s  primary role is to consider nominations for honorary degrees and make recommendations to the Senate. Ultimate  approval of decisions on whether to offer honorary degrees to a particular candidate rests with the Senate.

The Committee meets bi-annually, in October and April/May, with its recommendations being considered by the Senate at its November and June meetings. Occasionally nominations are considered by circulation.

The Honorary Degrees Committee also, from time to time, reviews the University’s practices and procedures in regard to honorary degrees and makes recommendations to the Senate, as appropriate.

Access further details about Honorary Degrees and the nomination process.

Senate Business Committee

The Senate Business Committee has a primary role to agree Senate agendas. In order to engage Senate in open debate, the Senate Business Committee identifies for each meeting of Senate at least one major strategic topic for discussion.

The Committee also has delegated responsibility from the Senate to approve the appointment of Senate members or representatives to University Committees and the schedule for Senate elections.

Senate Appeals/Complaints Panel

The Senate Appeals/Complaints Panel hears and determine, on behalf of the Senate, the outcome of academic appeals and complaints submitted by students in accordance with the University’s Policy and Procedures on Student Appeals and Complaints

Undergraduate Students’ Progress  Committees

The Students’ Progress Committee hears and determine, on behalf of the Senate, the outcome of representations submitted by students in accordance with the University’s Policy on Undergraduate Student Progress and the associated Guidance Notes.

Student  Disciplinary Committee

The Student Disciplinary Committee considers cases that are referred to it in accordance with the Code of Practice on Student Discipline.