The University of Aberdeen plays an important role in the social, cultural, economic and intellectual life of Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. Now in its sixth century, the University continues to innovate and contributes to the development of the local, national and international community.

Through its participation in a wide variety of cultural and public engagement activities, the University is committed to playing a full part in the local community; a part that extends beyond its core activities of research and teaching. In reflection of the scale of these undertakings and to provide support and encouragement for innovation in the field, the University has established an Advisory Group on Public Engagement (formerly the Cultural Engagement Strategy Group) to drive forward and monitor the implementation of its ambitions in this area.

The University has supported an array of activities. These include:

Details of the full range of activities can be found in our Cultural Engagement Portfolio, submitted to the SFC as an annex to our Cultural Engagement Strategy 2008-2010.

Advisory Group on Public Engagement 


The Public Engagement Strategy Group is an ad hoc advisory group established by UMG and tasked to report on public engagement matters as appropriate.

It is remitted to: 

  • support, promote and enhance all aspects of the University's public engagement activities, ensuring that these reflect and support the University's strategic objectives.
  • develop and monitor the implementation of strategies and operational plans associated with the University's public engagement, and will lead on delivery of the associated commitments made in the University's Strategic Plan, amending and updating these as necessary.
  • provide strategic oversight across a range of business areas that will include public engagement with research, cultural and civic engagement, and public engagement with the University Collections, and how these relate to the University events programme.
  • do so by providing a central focus for consideration of this activity, and by encouraging awareness of, and wider participation in, these activities by University staff and students

Public Engagement with Research

The University's Public Engagement with Research Unit supports staff and students wishing to connect their research to the public. To learn more about the unit, please visit