The Project Board is responsible for providing overall guidance and direction to the project. It reports to the Digital Strategy Committee.

Composition Membership
Project Sponsor (Convener) Professor Peter McGeorge
Lead Business User Pat Rowand
Lead Supplier Fraser Smith, CRM/ SharePoint Manager
Project Director Nicki Matthew
Project Manager (Curriculum Management) Vacant
Academic Affairs Rachael Bernard (Acting Academic Registrar)
Quality Assurance Committee 
(2 representatives nominated by Convener of QAC)
Dr Bill Harrison
Dr John Lamb
Deans of Teaching and Learning:
(2 representatives nominated by Vice-Principal Education, one UG and one PgT)
UG: currently vacant
PGT: Professor Ekaterina Pavlovskaia*
Online Education Ian Clarke
School rep (administration)  Sarah Duncan (Law)
Digital & Information Services - Assistant Director (Applications Management) Ian Robotham
Planning Directorate rep (new Programme business cases) Emma Towler
Communications rep Gail Cairns

Clerk:  Nicki Matthew
Deputy Convener:  One of the Deans of Teaching and Learning (*currently E Pavlovskaia)
Frequency of meetings:  approx. monthly
Quorum:  50% of the membership

Remit and Responsibilities:
The Project Board is responsible for providing overall guidance and direction to the project. It is responsible for:

  • Championing the project and raising awareness at senior level
  • Approving strategies, implementation plan, project scope, milestones and signing off key project documents as required
  • Resolving strategic and policy issues
  • Driving and managing change 
  • Prioritising project goals, reviewing progress, providing oversight; ensure delivery within agreed time, cost, and quality boundaries
  • Communicating with other key organisational representatives
  • Reviewing major risks to the project and agreeing on the allocation of ownership of risk mitigation
  • Making recommendations about budget requests to the Digital Strategy Committee
  • Approval of project change requests, subject to any tolerance thresholds, via the Project Sponsor, or escalated to the Digital Strategy Committee as required