The next meeting of the Postgraduate Committee will be held on Wednesday 19 September 2018 at 2.00pm, in the Committee Room 2, University Office.

Robert Findlay, Postgraduate Committee (Taught) Clerk
(Extn: 3631; E-mail:






Previous Agendas

Previous Agendas



To be responsible to the UCTL for oversight of the postgraduate academic student experience.  The Committee provides an inter-School forum to facilitate and encourage the development of appropriate strategy and also discusses and promotes relevant developments, whether internally driven or externally indicated. Specifically the Postgraduate Committee (Taught) will:

  • Discuss, formulate and promote strategic initiatives that enhance the recruitment of postgraduates and which contribute to and support attainment of the University's objectives.
  • Offer strategic advice on the University's provision of postgraduate programmes in order to support continued growth and development and to maintain an appropriate system of student academic and pastoral support.
  • Support the creation and development of a high level skills and employability training framework for postgraduate taught students.
  • Develop and promote specific innovations, embracing new pedagogies and technologies, in support of the enhancement of the postgraduate experience.
  • Consider and recommend approval for any specific developments or initiatives which could have substantial implications for University strategy or policy or for University level services and/or operations.
  • Proactively engage with any high level issues or themes arising from the Postgraduate Taught and Research Experience Survey, the International Student Barometer, and other relevant internal and external satisfaction surveys.
  • Engage in horizon scanning to anticipate and prepare for new opportunities and likely future developments in postgraduate student education.
  • Undertake such other functions as may be referred to the Committee by the UCTL.
Composition & Membership

Convener: Professor C Kee
Clerk: Mr Robert Findlay  
Tel: 01224 273631


Convener -

  • The Committee will be convened by a Dean for Postgraduate Studies to be appointed by the UCTL on a two year rotating basis

Membership -

  • Deans for Postgraduate Studies
  • Dean of Postgraduate Research School
  • One member of academic staff nominated by Heads of School with responsibility for Postgraduate Matters 
  • Two representatives nominated by the President of the Students' Association


Membership for 2017/18 

  • Dr M Ehrenschwendtner
  • Professor C Kee
  • Dr N Beacham
  • Dr A Bryzgel
  • Dr D Maccallum
  • Professor J Masthoff
  • Dr A McKinnon
  • Dr D Muirhead
  • Professor J Nelson
  • Ms S Paterson
  • Professor E Pavlovskaia
  • Dr M Bodig
  • Dr A Cleland
  • Mr R Williams
  • Dr S Woodin
  • AUSA Rep
  • AUSA Rep

In attendance

  • Director of Academic Affairs (or nominee)
  • Head of the Centre for Academic Developmemt (or nominee)
  • Mr R Findlay (Clerk)


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The Committee will meet at least three times per year in advance of meetings of the UCTL.  Additional meetings may be arranged, as required.


Postgraduate Committee (Taught)

Attendance Records



15 January 2018

16 March 2018

2 August 2018


Dean of Postgraduate (Taught) Arts

Professor Christopher Kee Present Present Apologies
Dean of Postgraduate (Taught) Science Professor Ekaterina Pavlovskaia Present Apologies Present
Dean of Graduate School

Professor Judith Masthoff

Professor Graeme Nixon (from Aug 18)

Present Present Present
School Representative (Biological Sciences) Dr Sarah Woodin Present Present Apologies
School Representative (Business School) Mr Russell Williams Present Present Apologies
School Representative (Divinity, History & Philosophy) Dr Marie-Luise Ehrenschwendtner Present Present Apologies
School Representative (Education) Ms Sandra Paterson Present Present Apologies
School Representative (Engineering)

Professor John Nelson

Dr Euan Bain (from Aug 18)

Present Present Apologies
School Representative (Geosciences) Dr David Muirhead Present Apologies Apologies
School Representative (Language, Literature, Music & Visual Culture) Dr Amy Bryzgel Present Present Present
School Representative (Law) Dr Matyas Bodig Apologies Apologies Apologies
School Representative (Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition) Dr Donna Maccallum Present Present Present
School Representative (Natural & Computing Sciences) Dr Nigel Beacham Apologies Present Present
School Representative (Psychology)

Dr David Sutherland

Dr Sandie Cleland (from Aug 18)

Apologies Apologies Present
School Representative (Social Sciences) Dr Andrew Mackinnon Present Apologies Apologies
Students' Association Representative

Ms Kirsty Paterson-Hunter

Mrs Donna Connolly (from Aug 2018)

Present Apologies Apologies
Students' Association Representative Mr Kevin Oliver      

In Attendance:

Clerk (Registry Officer) Mr Roberty Findlay Present Present Present
Chair of Feedback and Assessment Task Force Dr Tim Baker Present    
Centre for Academic Development Dr Colin Calder Present Present Present
IT Relationship Manager Mrs Natalie Kinchin-Williams Present Present  



Meeting Dates