To be responsible to the UCTL for oversight of the postgraduate academic student experience.  The Committee provides an inter-School forum to facilitate and encourage the development of appropriate strategy and also discusses and promotes relevant developments, whether internally driven or externally indicated. Specifically the Postgraduate Committee (Taught) will:

  • Discuss, formulate and promote strategic initiatives that enhance the recruitment of postgraduates and which contribute to and support attainment of the University's objectives.
  • Offer strategic advice on the University's provision of postgraduate programmes in order to support continued growth and development and to maintain an appropriate system of student academic and pastoral support.
  • Support the creation and development of a high level skills and employability training framework for postgraduate taught students.
  • Develop and promote specific innovations, embracing new pedagogies and technologies, in support of the enhancement of the postgraduate experience.
  • Consider and recommend approval for any specific developments or initiatives which could have substantial implications for University strategy or policy or for University level services and/or operations.
  • Proactively engage with any high level issues or themes arising from the Postgraduate Taught and Research Experience Survey, the International Student Barometer, and other relevant internal and external satisfaction surveys.
  • Engage in horizon scanning to anticipate and prepare for new opportunities and likely future developments in postgraduate student education.
  • Undertake such other functions as may be referred to the Committee by the UCTL.
Composition & Membership

Convener: Professor C Kee
Clerk: Mr Robert Findlay  
Tel: 01224 273631


Convener -

  • The Committee will be convened by a Dean for Postgraduate Studies to be appointed by the UCTL on a two year rotating basis

Membership -

  • Dean of Graduate School
  • One member of academic staff nominated by Heads of School with responsibility for Postgraduate Matters 
  • Two representatives nominated by the President of the Students' Association


Membership for 2016/17 

  • Dr M Ehrenschwendtner
  • Professor C Kee
  • Dr A Kindness
  • Dr A Bryzgel
  • Dr D Maccallum
  • Professor J Masthoff
  • Dr A McKinnon
  • Dr D Muirhead
  • Profesor J Nelson
  • Ms S Paterson
  • Professor E Pavlovskaia
  • Dr M Bodig
  • Dr D M Sutherland
  • Mr R Williams
  • Dr S Woodin
  • AUSA Rep
  • AUSA Rep

In attendance

  • Director of Academic Affairs (or nominee)
  • Head of the Centre for Academic Developmemt (or nominee)
  • Mr R Findlay (Clerk)


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The Committee will meet at least three times per year in advance of meetings of the UCTL.  Additional meetings may be arranged, as required.


Meeting Dates


  • 16 March 2018
  • 8 January 2018
  • 1 November 2017