Online Course Selection was prioritised based on the critical need to support the University strategy for student-led course selection. The project gives students access to more information as they consider their course choices. The system takes account of University rules, regulations, degree programme requirements, and course pre-requisites, and also takes a feed of timetabling information so it can perform clash-checking before options are presented. There are direct links from MyCurriculum to the new Catalogue of Courses to further inform students.

MyCurriculum is a student-led system which encourages student ownership and understanding of the degree requirements and better informed course choices. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced curriculum information for students (online course information) resulting in more informed student-led choices
  • More consistency in implementation of curriculum rules (programme prescriptions and course requisites) leading to fewer progression or award issues
  • Standardising and automating the allocation of places on capped courses improving transparency and reducing resource costs
  • Single approach to students selecting tutorials and lab classes ensuring a more consistent experience
  • Personal timetable for students enhancing student satisfaction


MyCurriculum was successfully launched to students on 10 August 2015. MyTimetable launched to students on 28 August. By the 18 September, 10,258 users had accessed MyTimetable and made approximately 284,000 class enrolments.

In total, 12,189 students registered through MyCurriculum, on 654 different programmes.

Queries from students were handled by staff in the MyCurriculum and MyTimetable Project Teams, Registry, Infohub, Servicedesk and the Schools. Daily scrum meetings were held with all interested parties to ensure that everyone was up to date with any issues arising. A venue was open for students to visit during Registration week and the first two weeks of teaching. This was manned by staff from Registry and was well attended by students.

Operational handover to Registry began in December 2015 and concluded by April 2016. The first year of operation of MyCurriculum saw its share of minor technical issues but the Project Team would like to thank all who have supported and assisted us in launching this innovative new system.

Further details about the current status of MyCurriculum including user guides and FAQs can be found at

Business Innovation Award

Business Innovation Award - Unit 4

The MyCurriculum project received the Business Innovation Award at the Unit4 Customer Awards Conference in Amsterdam in April 2016.

The award recognises Unit4 customers for exceptionally innovative deployments that have delivered quantifiable results, business benefits and service improvements for organisations.

Demonstration Video

This is a demonstration of the Course Catalogue and MyCurriculum "in action", showing a MA (Hons) History student picking courses for Year 2. The video is approximately 10 minutes long; there is  no sound explaining the steps that are being followed, however full step-by-step guides can be downloaded at if you wish to use these to follow along while watching the video.


Highlights of MyCurriculum feedback from some student users in September 2015:

“I have really nothing negative to say, everything was flawless. It was very easy to use, I really had no troubles to understand what it is asking me to do. When I made my choice I was at home in Slovakia.

“I found the system incredibly easy to use. My courses were already populated for me as I have no choice with my courses this year, so I only had to confirm the courses were correct. This was very easy to do. I accessed the system from my laptop at home (in Aberdeen) and had no issues with system crashes or glitching. As far as I can see, the system looks great!”

“I found that MyCurriculum was very easy to use. I signed up for classes at home - which I found was much better than having to trail to Aberdeen for an hour to sign up for my courses. The ease of doing it at home also meant that I could take my time rather than, at times, feeling rushed to do it at the university under a specific time frame.  

MyCurriculum… “has a simple and efficient layout which clearly shows how many credits you have to take, how many credits are left, etc.. Prescribed courses are clearly outlined from the beginning. I really like the way the “Course Catalogue” is built into MyCurriculum - if you are unsure about a particular course, you can just click the blue “I” which will take you to the course description.