Capital Programme Management Committee

Capital Programme Management Committee

Now known as Estates Committee


Remit: (To be reviewed annually at first meeting of committee cycle)

  • To review and approve the capital programme and planned expenditure on an annual basis, across all areas (i.e. capital projects, long term maintenance (LTM), acquisitions and disposals), and to recommend changes to the capital programme, in response to environmental changes; for example, changes in financial constraints, budgetary requirements or institutional strategic priorities.
  • To ensure all major capital projects recommended for selection by the University align with and support key institutional strategic objectives, and to inform capital planning accordingly.
  • To provide oversight and guidance on the selection and prioritisation of all capital projects.
  • To receive and approve specific project proposals and briefs, taking account of overall campus cohesion.
  • To ensure at portfolio level that all capital projects undertaken by the University are managed and delivered using the appropriate project management methodology and authorisations.
  • To ensure coordination, prioritisation and sequencing is appropriate - between projects, taking account of space planning issues and space requirements.
  • To receive and consider reports from all Capital Project Boards, to monitor progress, spend and funding arrangements.
  • To consider and suggest any further development of the Campus Development Framework and associated zone/mini master plans.
  • To provide oversight and guidance on LTM expenditure (buildings and IT).
  • To provide oversight and guidance on acquisitions and disposals for land and buildings.
  • To inform and make recommendations to the Policy and Resources Committee and Court accordingly as part of a regular reporting process.
  • To ensure due consideration is given across all projects to Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Risk Management and Health, Safety and Wellbeing.
  • To act within authority delegated from the Policy and Resources Committee on an ongoing basis.


  • Convener: Senior Vice-Principal
  • Vice-Principal (Research) 
  • Vice-Principal (Education)
  • University Secretary
  • President of the Students' Association
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Digital and Information Services
  • Director of Estates and Facilities
  • Director of Planning
  • Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities (Planning and Development)
  • Clerk:  Head of Strategic Planning

In attendance:

All Project Sponsors for major capital projects reporting into the Committee will be invited to attend each meeting, along with the relevant Project Director.  The Committee will also co-opt others to attend, as and when required.