Class Description: Information about how we perform as an organisation, and how well we deliver our functions and services.

Performance indicators and performance against them

Details of our Outcome Agreements with Scottish Funding Council are available here. Scroll down to tab "O" in the index.

►Information about key performance indicators (KPI) and the University's performance can be found in our latest Annual Report

►The QAA undertakes a rolling 4-year programme of Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR) of all HEIs in Scotland. The main focus of ELIR is to review our approach to improving the student learning experience, examines our ability to secure the academic standards of our awards and to manage the quality of the learning opportunities we provide for our students. Our Enhanced-led Institutional Review Reports (ELIR) are available here

►The Research Excellence Framework (Ref 2014) is the largest assessment of University research in the world. Our performance results are available here

►Our annual Health & Safety Reports are available here

►Our current Equality Mainstreaming and Outcomes report, published as part of our public sector equality duty, is available here

    This includes details on our Equality outcomes action plan  and  progress on our equality outcomes.

►The University's Court Statement of Intent on Diversity is available here

►Examples of Mainstreaming Equality activities is available here  including data on pay gap by gender and grade - see Table 3. for details

►Details on our Gender Action Plan 2017 are available here

►Our latest Equal Pay statement August 2017 is available here

►Climate Change

In 2015, Public Bodies in Scotland were invited to submit (voluntarily) a sustainability report as part of a new obligation under statutory Public Bodies Climate Change Duties (PBCCD).  In 2016 that exercise became compulsory.  Full details of that exercise and access to the reports of all the public sector bodies is available via the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) website, here. The reports of major players, including the University of Aberdeen, are available here. Scroll down to the letter "U" in the index.

We also publish the following statistical data on our website

►Admissions data is available here

►Admissions data for the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition is available here

►Staff and student data published under our Public Sector Equality Duty is available here

►Procurement Emissions summary data is available here.

►Water Usage Performance data is available here. Click on the "Reporting" tab

►Energy Performance data is available here. Click on the "Reporting" tab

►Waste management data is available here. Click on the "Reporting" tab

►Transport Survey report data is available here. Click on the "Reporting" tab

►Statistical information relating to student pass rates, retention, applications and awards is available here