Class Description

Open Data made available by the University as described by the Scottish Government's Open Data Strategy, which is made available online, with an open license, in an open and machine-readable format.

The University's open datasets

►Information about researchers and research publications can be found on our Public Research portal, available here 

►The Portal lists all public outputs as entered in Pure and links to the Aberdeen University Research Archive (AURA) where all open access full text publications are available to read.

►The Portal currently displays researcher information, publications, activities and datasets. Other items such as impacts, press clippings and awarded grants will be added as we improve the functionality of the Public Research Portal.

►For further details or enquiries, please contact: Nykohla Strong
Tel: +44 (0)1224 272077

Open data sets and their metadata, or links to where they are accessible

►Details of datasets which are available in our institutional public dataset catalogue are available here



Statistical data, which has been published on our website include;

►Admissions data is available here

►Admissions data for the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition is available here

►Staff and student data published under our Public Sector Equality Duty is available here

►Procurement Emissions summary data is available here.

►Water Usage Performance data is available here. Click on the "Reporting" tab

►Energy Performance data is available here. Click on the "Reporting" tab

 ►Waste management data is available here. Click on the "Reporting" tab

►Transport Survey report data is available here. Click on the "Reporting" tab

►Statistical information relating to student pass rates, retention, applications and awards is available here