New Athena SWAN logoRecognising commitment to the advancement of gender equality in academia, addressing unequal gender representation across academic disciplines, professional and support functions and removing the obstacles faced by women

Gender equality sits at the core of the University of Aberdeen community. We are committed to ensuring there is a diverse, inclusive and empowering work and study atmosphere for all staff and students. We are proud to have our ongoing commitment to gender equality demonstrated by being one of the few University's to hold an Athena SWAN award in all departments. We have ambitious yet achievable plans in all areas of the University, to ensure we continue to advance gender equality and tackle barriers to women's careers.

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For queries or support regarding Athena SWAN at the University of Aberdeen please contact:

Dr Rhiannon Thompson, Institutional Athena SWAN Officer

  • Institution
  • Business School
  • Schools of:
    • Divinity, History and Philosophy
    • Education
    • Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture
    • Law
    • Social Sciences


Dr Maria Grazia Cascio, Athena SWAN Coordinator

  • Schools of (and associated Institutes):
  • Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Biological Sciences
  • Natural and Computing Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Geosciences