*POSTPONED*Life at the Molecular Level: CPD Day for Biology Teachers

*POSTPONED*Life at the Molecular Level: CPD Day for Biology Teachers

This is a past event

This one-day CPD event is intended for teachers of Higher and Advanced Higher Biology and aims to give them a working background in many of the topics covered in the Cells and Proteins module of the Advanced Higher Biology syllabus.

POSTPONED - a new date will be set in due course, please email cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk to registet your interest. 

Life at the Molecular Level includes two lectures and two workshop activities explaining PCR and blood typing that can be used in school classrooms.

Lecture 1 – “DNA, RNA and More!”A lecture that will focus on nucleotide structure and function, genomes, DNA replication and much more.

Workshop 1 – “Cut’n’Stick PCR”A paper-based workshop to explain the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Lecture 2 – “Proteins and Enzymes”A lecture focusing on the essentials of protein structure as well as an overview of enzymes with specific examples of how they function in cells.

Workshop 2 – “CSI:Abdn – Bloody Typing Lab”A laboratory practical workshop to demonstrate blood typing as part of a forensic investigation.

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Dr John Barrow
Hosted by
University of Aberdeen
Zoology Building-Lab ZB03

A discount for Royal Society of Biology members will apply, get in touch to find out more.

To book the event or for more information, please contact:
CPD Services
Research and Innovation
Room 28 University Office
King's College
AB24 3FX
Tel: +44 (0) 1224 272523

Email: cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk

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