Cafe Scientifique - The science of swearing

Cafe Scientifique - The science of swearing

An informal way to engage with the latest topics in science
*NEW VENUE - Tempo Café, Bon Accord Centre*

Why do we swear? Who swears the most? Why do we find seemingly arbitrary words so offensive? Come along and find out why not all bad words are all bad.


The University of Aberdeen's Cafe Scientifique Aberdeen City series takes place monthly in Tempo Cafe in Aberdeen's Bon Accord Centre. Sessions run from January through to October and are free to attend. No booking is required and places are allocated on a first-come basis. All the events are pitched at a very accessible level and give ample time for audience questions and discussion.


Parking is available at Harriet Street car park, AB10 1FR


Dr Emily Nordmann, Psychology, University of Aberdeen
Hosted by
University of Aberdeen
Tempo Cafe, Bon Accord Centre, Aberdeen


Phone: 01224 273739