Services & Access

Services & Access

Visiting Us & Facilities

If you would like to visit NHS Grampian Archives, please email to book an appointment. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

NHS Grampian Archives usual opening hours are:

  • Monday - Friday: 10am - 4.30pm

Access to the records is via the Wolfson Reading Room in the University of Aberdeen's Special Collections Centre, which is located in the Sir Duncan Rice Library on Bedford Road, Aberdeen. In order to visit, photographic ID and proof of address is required in order to register for an access card. If you have a University of Aberdeen ID card (staff / student / honorary) you can use this for access.

Further details on what to expect when visiting and how to apply in advance for an access pass will be provided prior to booking your appointment.

Requesting Materials & Enquiries

Please note that access to some of the records may be restricted under the Data Protection Act (1998), and that some records are held offsite.

It is advised that visitors contact Fiona Musk, NHS Grampian Archivist, by emailing prior to your visit to ensure that records are available. This is especially recommended if you are travelling from a long distance, or have limited visiting time.

Please note that if the NHS Grampian Archivist is not available during the above opening hours, there is no access to the NHS collections.

Further information on the collections, including the online catalogue, can be found here.

Fetching times:
When making your request(s) please allow a little time for materials to be fetched from stores. Generally half a day should suffice, however, if you are able to give more notice, or wish to reserve materials in advance we are happy to receive more advance orders.

Restrictions on Access

Records containing confidential, personal or medical information are normally closed for periods of 75 years (or 100 years in the case of records relating to minors). Some administrative records, which contain personal, confidential or other sensitive information, may be closed for shorter periods. These periods apply to the date of the last entry in any volume or bundle.

It may be possible to view records within the closed periods under certain circumstances.

Records of a Deceased Individual

Records of a deceased individual are closed for 75 years (100 years if relating to a minor).

If an individual is deceased, you must provide proof of their death (for example, a copy of their death certificate).

You must complete a Third Party Access Request form, and return with proof of the individual's death to the NHS Grampian Archivist. Upon receipt of this, an application can then be made to NHS Grampian's Information Governance Manager who will decide if records can be accessed.

Please contact the NHS Grampian Archivist for a copy of these forms.

Please note that proof of a person's death may also be requested if it is unclear whether the information requested is within either 75 or 100 years.

If it cannot be proven that an individual is deceased, the records will remain closed under the UK Data Protection Act (1998).

Records of a Living Individual (including you)
Records relating to living individuals are closed for 100 years under the UK Data Protection Act 1998. If you are wanting access to your own records, a Subject Access Request can be made to the NHS Grampian Archivist.

Please note that NHS Grampian Archives do not have access to current medical records. If you are wanting to access these, please contact NHS Grampian's Information Governance team.

If you are wanting to access another person's records, this can only be done with their permission. Please complete a Third Party Access Request form, which must also be signed by the person you are enquiring about. If their permission cannot be granted, records will remain closed for 100 years under the Data Protection Act (1998).

Access to Records for Research Purposes
If you are undertaking a study into historic health records, you may be able to access records which are normally closed depending on your area of research. You must fulfill certain conditions, and agree to abide by Data Protection laws, including not publishing information which may allow for the identification of individuals.

Please contact the NHS Grampian Archivist, and complete the Access to Historic Records for Research Purposes form.