illustration by Will McleanA Catechism of the Laws of Storms

John Burnside & Will Maclean

15 September - 4 December 2016

An evocative exhibition of prints featuring 12 poems by John Burnside with accompanying illustrations by Will Maclean.

John Burnside’s poetry and Will Maclean’s imagery first came together in a collaborative print–poem commissioned for the opening of Dundee Contemporary Arts in 1999. A Catechism of the Laws of Storms is a continuation of their joint projects.

Some years ago Maclean found some dis-bound copies of an illustrated weekly newspaper The Pictorial World of 1882–83 and used the woodcut images to assemble a series of collages, which were then scanned and digitally altered.

The series of collages related to descriptions of storms and hurricanes from nautical books and manuals in Maclean’s collection, in particular ‘The Law of Storms’ by Henry Paddington. The collages were shown to Burnside who composed a series of twelve poems in response to the images. Maclean in turn altered a number of the images in response to the poems.

Purchasing work from the exhibition

Limited edition boxed sets of the 12 print-poems are available to purchase. The individually framed prints are also available to purchase, but may not be removed until the end of the exhibition. For further information about purchasing individual prints or a boxed set please contact The University of Aberdeen Development Trust on 01244 274111.

The Gallery, The Sir Duncan Rice Library, Bedford Road, Aberdeen, AB24 3AA
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