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Reid, Thomas

Biography: Natural and moral philosopher. Born Strachan, Kincardineshire 1710. Educated Kincardine O'Neill parish school, then Aberdeen grammar school 1722. Entered Marischal Coll., 1723, M.A. 1726 then continued studies. Licensed to preach by Kincardine O'Neill 1731, served there 1732-3. Librarian, Marischal Coll., 1733-6. Visited England 1736. Presented to the living of Newmachar 1737. Regent, King's Coll., 1751. One of the founders of the Aberdeen Philosophical Society 1758. Honorary D.D., Marischal Coll., 1762. Published Inquiry into the Human Mind, on the Principles of Common Sense 1764. Professor of moral philosophy, University of Glasgow, May 1764-80. Burgess and guild brother of Glasgow Sept 1764. Represented Univ. of Glasgow at general assembly of Church of Scotland 1767, 1772. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 1783. Vice-rector, Univ. of Glasgow 1784-5. Active in the Glasgow Literary Society. Published two major works 1785, 1788. Died Glasgow 1796.

Biography Date: 1710-1796

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; King's Fasti 62, 63; Marischal Fasti 74, 84, 301

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