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Reid, James

Biography: Rev. Minister of Banchory-Ternan, 1567. Burgess of Aberdeen, 1598. Father of Alexander and Thomas. His books came to Marischal College by way of the Common Library of New Aberdeen.

From Provenance Catalogue: A cadet of the Pitfoddels family, James Reid became Minister of Banchory-Ternan in 1567 and of Colstone in 1573. He was the father of Thomas Reid, Latin Secretary to James VI, and of Alexander Reid, anatomist and surgeon. James was admitted as a burgess of Aberdeen, 1598, and died before 1602. An exlibris label used by Reid is one of the earliest known dated bookplates. See The Spalding Club: Extracts from the register of the Burgh of Aberdeen. Aberdeen, 1844-48; DNB.

Biography Date: d.1602

Biography References: DNB; Drummond 306;

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