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Rawlinson, Richard

Biography: Brother of the collector Thomas Rawlinson. Antiquary, topographer and non-juring bishop of the Church of England. Born London, 1690, son of the Lord Mayor of London. Educated St Paul's School from 1697, Eton from 1702. Matriculated St John's College, Oxford 1708, graduated B.A., 1711, M.A., 1713. Acquired an enthusiasm for book collecting from his brother Thomas. Shared rooms with his brother Thomas at Middle Temple, 1711, followed him to Gray's Inn. Began extensive journeys through England 1712. Fellow of the Royal Society 1714. Ordained deacon and priest in the Church of England 1716. Travelled to France and the Netherlands 1719, toured the continent 1720. Matriculated at Padua 1722. Returned to England on the death of his brother Thomas, settled in London 1726. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries 1727. Consecrated bishop 1728. Grand steward of the freemasons 1734. Died Islington, 1755. Bequeathed his manuscripts and some printed books to the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Bequeathed his landed property, the rest of his books and his coins and medals to St John's College, Oxford.

Biography Date: 1690-1755

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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