Porson, Richard

Biography: Classical scholar. Born East Ruston, Norfolk 1759. Well educated at home by his parents, then attended free school aged 9. Tutored by John Norris aged 11, then entered Eton 1774-8. Entered Trinity Coll., Cambridge 1778 as a pensioner, elected to a fellowship 1785. Moved to London 1792. Regius Professor of Greek at Cambridge, 1792. Principal Librarian of the London Institution, 1806. Died London, 1808. Reputed as a formidable critic, published many critical works on classics as well as political works. Also reputed for his excessive drinking. Trinity Coll., Cambridge, possesses about 274 of his books, almost all of which contain short notes or memoranda written by him in the margins or on blank leaves.

Biography Date: 1759-1808

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (DNB); LOC; CERL; DNB;

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