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Beaton, James, Archbishop of Glasgow

Biography: Studied in France aged 15 at Paris, then Poitou, entrusted by French king with a mission to Mary of Guise aged 20, abbot of Arbroath 1546, archbp of Glasgow 1550/51, travelled to Rome, ordained 1552, Privy Councillor in Scotland 1553, left Glasgow Summer 1559, settled in Leith Winter 1559-60, arrived in Paris Aug 1560, ambassador in Paris for over 40 yrs for Mary and James VI, outlawed 1568, convicted of treason 1570, rehabilitated in principle 1587, restored to all honours and benefices 1598, d. in Paris 1603. Bequeathed a house and his library and estate for assisting Scots students (eventually formed the Scots College in Paris)

Biography Date: 1524-1603

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; Drummond 295.

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