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Ogilvie, James

Biography: Canon of Aberdeen. Abbot of Driburgh. Ambassador to England 1516 as postulate of Dryburgh. May be the James Ogilvie who was the first civilist on the original foundation of Aberdeen University. "James Ogilvie, rector of Kynkell and canon of Aberdeen, ... Had a grant of the abbacy of Druburgh in commendam ... He died at Paris on 30th May 1518." His anniversary was to be kept with all solemnity both in the cathedral and in the university of Aberdeen.

Biography Date: d.1518

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (See Liber S. Marie de Dryburgh, Bannatyne Club, Edinb. 1847 (9(41)06 B.C.83) p. Xxi; cf. Registrum episcopatus Aberdonensis, vol II p.207 (9(41)06 S.C. 13); CERL;Fasti 31; ESL 134; Drummond 304;

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