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Ogilvie, William

Biography: Classical scholar and advocate of common property in land. Entered King's Coll., 1755, M.A., 1759. Schoolmaster at Cullen 1759-60. Attended Glasgow University 1760-1, Edinburgh University 1761-2. Appointed assistant professor of philosophy, King's Coll., 1761, started teaching 1762. Regent, King's Coll., 1764. Professor of humanity, King's Coll., 1765-1817. Published An Essay on the Right of Property in Land 1781. Honorary LLD, Columbia College, New York 1793. Collected specimens for a museum of natural history at King's Coll., as well as rare prints and portraits. Died Aberdeen 1819.

Biography Date: 1736-1819

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; Fasti 49, 63, 241.

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