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Naunton, Sir Robert

Biography: Politician and historian. Born Alderton, Suffolk. Fellow-commoner, Trinity Coll., Cambridge, elected scholar 1582, B.A., 1582, major fellow 1586, M.A., 1586. Worked on the continent as political agent for the earl of Essex, mid 1590s. Returned to Cambridge 1598, became university orator. MP for Helston 1605. Knighted 1614. Master of requests 1616. Surveyor of Court of Wards 1616. Secretary of State and Privy Councillor 1618. MP for Cambridge 1621 and 1624-5. Suspended as Secretary of State 1621, due to provoking dangerous enemies. Master of the Court of Wards 1624. MP for Suffolk 1626. No political influence by the 1630s. Wrote Fragmenta Regalia 1633-4, published posthumously. Died Mar 1635.

Biography Date: 1563-1635

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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