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Monboddo, James Burnett, Lord

Biography: Judge and philosopher. Born at Monboddo, bap. 1714. Family had troubles because of their Jacobitism. Father died early, mother remarried which caused problems - Monboddo only recognised as heir in 1782, and to his grandfather, not his father. Tutored at home but also attended Laurencekirk parish school. Studied at King's Coll., 1728-32, then Groningen 1733 and possibly also Leiden. Returned to Scotland and passed the civil law examination 1737. Went to London during the Jacobite Rising 1745. Returned to Edinburgh, distinguished in the social and intellectual life of Edinburgh. Curator of the Advocates' Library 1751-6. Founding member of the Select Society 1754. Ordinary lord of session 1767. Published six volumes Of the Origin and Progress of Language 1773-92, uncompleted. Work was recognised in France, Italy and Germany. Died Edinburgh 1799.

Biography Date: 1714-1799

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; Drummond 304;

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