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Balfour, Sir James, Lord Pittendreich

Biography: May have been ed. At St Andrews 1539 or 40, at Wittenberg in 1544, entered St Andrews Castle 1546 holding out against the Earl of Arran, impressed into French service as galley slave after castle surrendered in 1547, released c.1549, official of Lothian by 1553, vicar of Kilmany 1555, rector of Flisk 1560, extraordinary Lord of the Session (spiritual side) 1561, promoted to ordinary place on the bench 1563, chief of the 4 commissary courts of Edinburgh 1564-5, Privy Councillor 1565, appointed as clerk register 1566, knighted 1566, arrested for the murder of Lord Darnley 1567 and warded at Edin. Castle, shortly became captain of the castle, exchanged captaincy for remission of any crimes and granted priory of Pittenweem, president of the Court of Session 1567 in exchange for role as clerk register, however prosecuted for murder of Lord Darnley and placed in free ward in St Andrews, joined the Marians 1570, remission for any crimes 1572, but proceedings began against Balfour and the Hamiltons, exiled to Paris, Dieppe 1580, returned to Scotland Dec 1580, remission of crimes 1581. Printed his Practicks, a collection of statutes, legal decisions, and the Auld Lawes.

Biography Date: c.1525-1583

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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