Michell, [Jacobus?]

Biography: Presbyterian minister. Born in Edinburghshire. Educated Edinburgh University, graduated 1656. Became a freelance preacher, chaplain to the laird of Dundas 1661. Expelled from this post in disgrace after an affair with a young woman. Chaplain to the niece of Sir Archibald Johnston. Joined the covenanter rising in Ayr 1666. Named as guilty of treason in a royal proclamation. Fled to the Netherlands Dec 1666. Returned Sept 1667. Attempted to assassinate the Archbishop of St Andrews 1668, wounded the bishop of Orkney. Took flight again til 1673. Recognised in the street by the Archbishop 1674 and arrested. Confessed to the assassination attempt on the promise that his life would be spared. Court later denied making this promise after he refused to repeat the confession. Brought to trial Jan 1678. Court again denied making the promise and committed perjury. Found guilty and executed Jan 1678.

Biography Date: d.1678

Biography References: LOC; DNB;

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