Marduel, Jean-Baptiste

Biography: Priest and collector. Choirboy at the Cathedral of Saint John, Lyon, then vicar of Saint-Nizier, Lyon, 1803-20. Travelled to Paris, vicar at Saint-Roch, 1820, then honorary canon at Notre Dame, 1833. Continued preaching til his death. Collected scores and musical manuscripts, as well as works on liturgy, history, heraldry and numismatics. He had a library of 13-14,000 volumes. The collection was either confiscated during the Revolution and sold for very low prices, or sold to the Jesuits and Maristes of Lyon on the condition that they never sell them. Helped to found "The Living Rosary", an organisation which owned a library of 12,000 volumes sold in 1849.

Biography Date: 1762-1848

Biography References: LOC; CERL;

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