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Manwayring, Sir Henry

Biography: Pirate and naval officer. Matriculated Brasenose Coll., Oxford 1599, B.A., 1602. Admitted Inner Temple 1604. Granted, but did not take up, the captaincy of St Andrews Castle 1611. Appointed to suppress piracy in the Bristol Channel 1612. Chosen to accompany Sir Thomas Sherley to Persia, but mission blocked by Spain. Rebuff sparked a campaign of piracy by Manwaring against Spain. Offered the choice between a pardon or an expedition by James I, 1616, accepted a pardon. Knighted 1618. Lieutenant of Dover Castle 1620. Elected to parliament 1621. Flag captain of the Prince Royal 1623. Involved in preparing naval expeditions in the late 1620s. Performed tasks ashore for the Navy, early 1630s. May have been outlawed for debt 1635. Senior captain in the ship money fleets 1637-40. Vice-admiral 1639. Master of Trinity House 1642, but removed from all offices there by parliament. Honorary degree of doctor of physic, Oxford, 1643. Settled in Scilly 1645, Jersey 1646-8. Captain of the Antelope 1648. Buried St Giles, Camberwell 1653. Published Discourse on Piracy and The Seaman's Dictionary (1644).

Biography Date: 1587-1653

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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