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Leech, David.

Biography: Church of Scotland minister and poet. M.A., King's Coll., 1624. Regent, King's Coll., 1628, subprincipal 1632-8. Minister of Ellon 1638. Declined to take the national covenant and fled to England, returned 1639. Suspended 1647 for his royalist tendencies, reinstated at the next general assembly. Paraphrasing songs of the Old and New Testaments 1648, however abandoned the task to be chaplain to one of the regiments invading England. Returned and gained the parish of Kemnay and Craigern 1650. Chaplain to two Aberdeenshire regiments by April 1651. Prisoner of war in Worcester Sept 1651. D.D., Aberdeen University 1653. Never returned to Scotland. Published a volume of Latin poetry 1657. Died at some point between 1657-1664.

Biography Date: 1600/5/8-1657/64

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; Fasti 40, 54, 183.

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