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Johnstone, Henry

Biography: Benedictine monk and antiquary. Born Methley, near Leeds. Employed at the College of Heralds, London, 1666-69. Benedictine postulant at Dieulouard, Lorraine by 1674. Clothed 1674 and took the name Joseph. Professed for English priory St Edmund the King at Paris 1675. M.A., Paris 1678. Stationed at the monastery at St James' Palace during James II's reign. Remained in London after the revolution, acted as a Jacobite agent by 1691. Forced back to France after proclamation for his arrest (believed to be part of an assassination conspiracy against the King). Briefly prior of St Edmund's in Paris, travelled to abbeys at Meaux and Douai, then returned to Paris, became prior of St Edmund's 1705. Titular prior of Durham 1717. Died at St Edmund's 1723.

Biography Date: d.1723

Biography References: DNB;

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