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Johnston, Arthur

Biography: Neo-latin poet. Born Caskieben, Aberdeenshire c.1579. Educated at school in Kintore, then University of Aberdeen (not clear which college). Went to Casimir College, Heidelberg, then Sedan, France 1603. Regent of the third class at Sedan, then regent of the second class and professor of logic and metaphysics 1604. M.D. Padua 1610. Professor of physic, Sedan, 1610. Began to publish Latin verse. Returned to Scotland by 1622, when he became a burgess of Aberdeen. Using the title medicus regius by 1625. Began translatino of psalms 1633, full translation 1637. Rector of King's Coll., 1637-8. Supported reform of the university. Died Oxford 1641, visiting a daughter.

Biography Date: 1587-1641

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; Fasti 9

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