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Heriot, Adam

Biography: Of the family of Trabroun, in East Lothian. Inc. St. Leonard's 1543. Became a conventual brother of the Augustinian Order of the Abbey of St Andrews. Student of scholastic theology at St. Leonard's. In 1560 appointed by the General Assembly which met at Edinburgh as the first Protestant Minister to Aberdeen but retained the vicarage of St Andrews till his death in 1574. Died of apoplexy (bleeding in a stroke) 28 Aug 1574.

From Provenance Catalogue: Heriot was born in 1514. He studied scholastic theology at St Andrews, where he became Augustine canon. In 1559 he was converted and came to Aberdeen (St Nicholas) as its first protestant minister in 1560. From 1566-68 he was a member of the assembly. He was partly responsible for the overthrow of Alexander Anderson, 1569. He was well-liked in Aberdeen. He resigned in 1573 and died in 1574. See Keith, Alexander: A thousand years of Aberdeen. Aberdeen, 1972.

Biography Date: 1514-1574

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes; CERL; Drummond 301;

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Heriot, Adam Biblia Latina (cum postillis Nicolai de Lyra et expositionibus Guillelmi Britonis in omnes prologos S. Hieronymii...). Nicolaus, of Lyra Venice 1481
Heriot, Adam Divi Ambrosii episcopi Mediolanensis omnia opera accuratissime revisa: atque in tres partes nitidissime excusa. Eiusdam sanctissimi Ambrosii vita: a Paulino... Ambrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan. Basel 1516
Heriot, Adam Melliflui devotique doctoris Sancti Bernardi abbatis Clarevallen Cisterciensis ordinis. Opus preclarum suos complectens sermones de tempre: de sanctis: et super... Bernard, of Clairvaux, St. Paris 1517
Heriot, Adam Eusebii Caesarie[n]sis Episcopi Chronico[n]: quod Hieronymus presbyter diuino eius ingenio Latinum facere curauit & usque in Vale[n]te[m] Caesarem Romano adiecit... Eusebius, Bishop of Emesa Paris 1518
Heriot, Adam Tomus tertius continens Collectanea Venerablis Bede Presbyteri in Epistolas diui Pauli apostoli, ex operibus sanctissimi & doctissimi ecclesiae catholicae episcopi... Bede,the Venerable, Saint,673-735 Paris 1522
Heriot, Adam De scripturae sanotae authoritate, certitudine, firmitate & absoluta perfectione, deque episcoporum institutione & functione, contra superstitionis tyrannidisque Romanae antistites libri... Bullinger, H. Zurich 1544?
Heriot, Adam In Mosis Genesim plenissimi commentarii, in quibus veterum & recentiorum sententiae diligenter expenduntur. ed. Musculus, W. Basel 1554
Heriot, Adam Sacrorum utriusque Testamenti librorum absolutissimus index, quas concordantias maiores vocant: tu vel maximas appelles, licet. Basel 1561
Heriot, Adam The institution of Christian religion... Calvin, J. London 1561