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Hay, Nicholas

Biography: Civilist, King's Coll., 15--. "He is mentioned in Principal Bisset's time before 1555. He continued during the rest of Bisset's time, and all Anderson's and Arbuthnots' and part of Principal Stuart's time. He was Commissary of Aberdeen ... (I find him in a charter, 10th March 1593 [II.175]) ... Mr Nicol Hay's gravestone on the south side of Hector Boece's in the College Chapel calls him "Juris civilis Professor in hac Academia ...Rector necnon Comissariis (Aberdonensis) summa fide." The year of his death cannot be read. His coat of arms with N on one side and H on the other is very distinct." (Gordon). Rector, King's Coll., 1592.

Biography Date: fl. 1555-1592

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (K.C. Officers and Graduates, pp 8 and 31); Fasti 8, 31.

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