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Guild, William

Biography: Theologian and author. Born Aberdeen 1586. M.A. Marischal Coll., c.1605. Charge of Kineddar 1608. Published The New Sacrifice of Christian Incense (1608), The Only Way to Salvation (1608), Moses Unveiled (1617), Papist Glorying in Antiquity, Turned to their Shame (1626), A Friendly and Faithful Advice to the Nobility, Gentry and Others (c.1638) and An Antidote Against Popery (1639). Charge of St Nicholas, Aberdeen 1631. Chaplain to King Charles I in 1631. Funded the glazing of Greyfriars Church 1633. D.D. 1634. Rector of King's Coll. 1639-1644. Principal of King's Coll. 1640-49/51. Deposed by General Monk in 1651 because he was lukewarm to the covenant. Rector of Marischal Coll., 1642-8. He endowed the old Trinity Convent as a hospital. Died Aberdeen 1657.

Biography Date: 1586-1657

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; Marischal Fasti 11, 187; King's Fasti 10, 26, 315; Drummond 300; Rait, R.S.;

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