Grierson, John

Biography: Studied at King's Coll., Aberdeen. Procurator of the Aberdeen Dominicans 1511. Prior of the Domincan Convent in Aberdeen, 1512-6, of the Convent in St Andrews, 1517; BTh 1516. Dom. provinicial 1523-59. Professor of divinity by 1542. Dean of the theology faculty at St Andrews by 1553. Provincial general in 1559, when he recanted. Received pension 1561-2. One of the visitors of St Mary's College. Most of his books were also the property of Dominicans at St Andrews. "At the sale of the Osterley Park Library, the University of St Andrews secured a copy of Major's Historia, with Greson's name boldly inscribed in two places. According to Dempster he lived until 1564."

Biography Date: c.1486-1564

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (Register of St Andrew's Kirk-session, p16. (Scot. Hist. Soc. Vol. IV)); CERL; DNB; Drummond 300; ESL 108;

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